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„We provide a wide range of services and products in the IT domain“

We are Ascora!

Ascora GmbH is a medium-sized IT-company with locations in Lower-Saxony / Northern Germany. Our headquarters are located in Ganderkesee, and we have an additional office in Delmenhorst. Since 1994, we are developing and selling software as an Independent Software Vendor with products that are used around the world. With our brand name "Abelssoft" we are one of the leading providers of software apps in Germany with more than 12 mio users and more than 3 Mio active newsletter subscribers; applications include desktop applications as well as web and mobile apps. As such, Ascora is very skilled in creating consumer-driven software solutions with high user friendliness, low error rate and adaptive system requirements.

Ascora has broad experience in creating highly scalable and cloud-based systems including messaging, data management and the handling of big data aspects. Because of its large user base, servers of Ascora currently manage more than 200 mio messages each month. The creation of flexible and elastic cloud-based systems and services is a key element of the company.

Ascora gained broad knowledge in creating secure systems that comply with latest EU standards on privacy, security and legal aspects. Securing systems and protecting user data is a crucial element of Ascoras day-to-day business. Our systems are fully PCI certified and renewed on a yearly base.

Ascora Abelssoft Ascora applies its knowledge in the consumer domain but also within the domain of Industry 4.0, Media and eHealth and our solutions are used by large players in the market. Those four domains highly benefit from the high expertise with availability, security and scalability aspects that Ascora can provide.

Ascora is involved in several projects within the research and innovation domain and acts as coordinator for several RTD projects and initiatives including the H2020 project CREMA in the industry 4.0 domain, ACCEPT about energy efficiency and the FP7 ALFRED project in the eHealth domain, which has been recognized as one of the top 5 RTD ICT projects by the European Commission.

Ascora is an active member of the EU Big Data Value Association (BDVA) where it provides the cloud infrastructure for the project data. Ascora is also a key partner of the H2020 European Data Economy (EuDEco) CSA. Moreover, ASC is member of the NESSI ETP (Networked European Software and Services Initiative) and the NetWorld2020 ETP (European Technology Platform for Communications Networks and Services) as the NEM Initiative (Networked & Electronic Media). Ascora GmbH is a member of the Alliance for Cyber Security of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Originally, Ascora was located in Oldenburg. When it came time to expand, it was carefully decided that we would move into the countryside near Ganderkesee. One benefit of this area is its proximity to nature. Finally, in 2011, we’ve found the right property, an extraordinary location which would promise a peaceful, unique work place, and epitomize our company culture.

Our main building forms a harmonic symphony with the existing land. Amazingly, it’s nearly completely biodegradable. It’s also nearly 100% self-sufficient, because it has its own eco-friendly sewage disposal facility, which works by ducting rain water through ponds. Furthermore, chives living on top of the building take care of its insulation.

The company management set an eco-friendly precedent from the beginning, and maintains it by annually buying trees that keep co2 emissions almost zero.

We love our environment.

Green Ascora GmbH

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