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Who we are

Our origins date back to 1994, when we developed and distributed our first applications. In 2007 we founded Ascora GmbH as an independent software house and have been growing ever since. We offer both business solutions and software for consumers and have over 18 million users. Our company is located in Northern Germany – more precisely in Ganderkesee – between Bremen and Oldenburg in the immediate vicinity of the A28 motorway. We are a young, creative and open team. We currently distribute our apps for end users under „Abelssoft“ ( and our business applications as Ascora GmbH. What distinguishes us is that we always try something new and are always up to date. We still have many ideas

Would you like to have an exceptionally great workplace and a great team?

1. Great Working Environment
In 2011 we moved into our own premises and bought a company building – a former recording studio that suits us very well: The rooms are friendly, very individual and there are hardly any straight windows. Working here is fun and offers you a working environment you won't find anywhere else in Germany. In addition to creative workspaces, we also offer a sauna, shower room and two nice little ponds with fish and ducks and frogs to look at while you’re taking a break. Our way of working is open and friendly: we are still a relatively small team with flat hierarchies and open to experiments. You can try out new ideas with us at any time without being beheaded if you fail. You can also influence important and big decisions. Everyone can immediately take responsibility and play an important role in our projects. You can find out what our current and former employees think of us at You can enter unfiltered feedback there after your application.

2. Carpools
Our head office is located in Ganderkesee, a small but very beautiful village. Of course, we know that Ganderkesee is not the hub of the world and many of us come from the surrounding area. We therefore have car pools from/to Bremen and Oldenburg (needing an 20-30 minutes commute). If you don’t live in Ganderkesee, you will still be with us in the morning quickly and cheaply.

Your Freedoms

3. Your Freedoms
We don't have strict rules for the programming style or the tools you have to use for your daily work. We firmly believe that you feel most comfortable in your custom working environment and can therefore work most effectively, choosing the tools you prefer.

4. Trainings / Education
We never stop growing, because nowadays it is important to recognize new trends and to educate oneself further, especially in the technology and software domains. This is why we actively promote the learning of new technologies. We constantly come into contact with new technologies, learn new programming languages and try out innovative approaches. We believe that innovation is an important building block for us as a company and therefore actively participate in several research projects. We collaborate with universities, companies and institutions in various European countries. These projects do not only improve your professional expertise, but also enable you to get together with different people, get to know other cultures - and improve your English bit by bit.

Fruit Flat

4. Fruit Flat
Fruit keeps your body fit, is healthy and the best is that you get it for free at Ascora. Kiwis, bananas, plums, pears or oranges – every day a full fruit basket is waiting for you.

6. Company Pension Scheme
Your future is important to us and therefore we invest up to 480,00 € annually in your retirement provision. The advantage of the company pension scheme: the contributions flow directly into your private pension free of taxes and social security contributions. Whether you want to make use of the supplement, or top up the contribution we subsidize, it is up to you. We will of course assist you with your decision and help you to make the right choice for your retirement provision.

Company Pension Scheme

7. Bahncard
You like trains? Then we have a little surprise for you: We will give you a BahnCard Business for free. We usually work from our office, but from time to time we also meet with other project partners or attend conferences or events. For this you get the BahnCard 25, which you can also use privately for all journeys. This also applies to the Bahn bonus points programme.

8. Company Fitness
Your health is important to us. That's why we offer a company fitness program and pay you a subsidy every month: For only 20,- € per month you can train at almost 500 gyms, swimming pools and saunas. Here you can find a list of our studios, if you want to participate.

Company Fitness

9. Confidentiality You already have a job? No problem, we won't tell anyone if you apply to us! We also don't ask for certificates or evaluations from your previous employers, it’s just you who has to convince us. An evening phone call later you only need to invest a few hours in which you can get to know us – and we can get to know you. If you don't think you're the right person for us, just go your own way again.

10. Your Child Is Sick?
Your child is ill, has to be cared for and you have to stay at home because nobody else is available? Up to 5 days a year you can take time off without having to take a holiday. If your child is ill, it’s no problem with Ascora.

Your Child Is Sick?

11. Excellence
The magazine Focus awarded us the title "Top Employer for Medium-Sized Businesses 2018". We have a top rating on employer-rating portal Kununu. We are small enough to react flexibly and quickly and we all still know each other. At the same time we are big enough to offer you a stable working environment and a secure job. Everyone can contribute their own ideas and assume responsibility and we look forward to working with you.

12. Welcome Package
With us, it's up to you to decide what you'd like to use the most: An Ultrabook with Windows or maybe a MacBook? With us, you're free to choose. Our computers are always equipped with the latest hardware and sufficient memory and CPU. Your computer is meant only for you and you may use it also privately. Nobody talks you into picking your software of choice or forbids you to install programs at Ascora. Would you like a special chair, an extra bright work lamp, a fancy mouse or other office equipment? No problem, we'll set up your workspace the way you feel comfortable. Did we convince you? Then send us your application quickly by email to [email protected]

Welcome Package