Passion for Apps

We don't program applications, we develop solutions for real people - and with passion. This attitude has been deeply rooted in our DNA right from the beginning and has influenced our growth significantly. Within just a few years our customer base has grown from a few hundred to more than 8 million customers with 16 languages. For this achievement we have been awarded the renowned Fast 50 Award 2016.

Please find below some examples of our wide variety of application software grouped in PC Apps, Mobile Apps, Web Apps & Business Apps. More applications may be found on our main application website, which you can find via We use Abelssoft as our brand name for all desktop applications.


Ascora EverDoc

EverDoc is a document management system allowing mobile workers in the field to acquire and manage business documents and to attach them to different process steps. EverDoc manages all documents and formats in a convenient way: PDFs, pictures, e-mails, texts and other documents. Ascora EverDoc automatically detects and indexes the established Cloud service providers.

Ascora FIPS

Ascora FIPS

Ascora FIPS provides an integrated solution for delivering electronic products to your customers. It contains a license management system for your customers and creates and mails invoices.

A/B Mailer

Ascora A/B Mailer

Ascora A/B Mailer allows you to easily setup email marketing campaigns. It includes a highly scalable emailing engine proven to send out emails to more than 500.000 receivers.



CryptBox is a high performance data encryption system which serves as a base for full-disk and container security

  • Encrypt personal data easily
  • Maximum Security with AES 256
  • File Shredder


Recodify was developed to save music from all the popular music-streaming-services in high quality.

  • Download Music For Free
  • Ideal for streaming services
  • Record everything


ToolbarTerminator has been developed by a team of experts with one goal: To fight back toolbars and to throw them out of your system.

  • Eliminates annoying Toolbars
  • Easy-to-Use 1-Click Cleaning
  • Always Up-to-Date!
WashAndGo Mobile


Delete with this mobile cleaner unnecessary garbage files, protect your privacy and monitor your system by searching for memory hogs and battery drainers.



FoodControl is an mobile app for Android. With that app you can find product information like the ingredients and other information.



Singularity delivers a unified storage and docker driven node management for parallel systems. It’s typically used within marketing campaign management.


FoodControl Backend-System

FoodControl is a System to save Product Information about foods. The system is scalable for millions of products.



TeamSync is a reporting tool for projects. The system is designed to be easy as possible.